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Corporate Turnaround Support

We conduct financial advisory business concerning the drafting and implementation of the corporate turnaround plan.

Corporate turnaround is performed for various purposes, and its scheme covers very wide range. We provide the most appropriate solution for the client, specifically drawing up a plan for the corporate turnaround, framing the project and conducting the implementation support business. .

Investigation and diagnostication ⇒Drafting of the turnaround strategy ⇒ Drafting of the implementation plan ⇒Implementation support

Consulting services

In the first place, it is necessary to analyze whether or not a turnaround of the company can be made. For that purpose, we conduct a research study thoroughly and use occasionally an outside research institute as the need arises.

When it is judged that the turnaround is possible, we draft the turnaround strategy.

Furthermore, we draw up a concrete implementation plan and establish the support system which the company can implement, providing support to the company.

For example, when corporations file petitions under the Civil Rehabilitation Law, they must submit a property valuation report, draft turnaround schedule, etc. according to the schedule of the court. For preparing these, it is necessary to have not only the knowledge of business but also the extensive knowledge of the Civil Rehabilitation Law, the laws and regulations concerning the security, the law of obligations, the National Tax Collection Law, the Corporation Tax Law, etc. . Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, we conduct the comprehensive support business including taxation business, the accounting and the valuation of property of the petitioner..

In addition, concerning the taxation business,

  • Calculation of gains from forgiveness of debt,
  • Handling of deficit,
  • Calculation of loss on valuation of assets,
  • Calculation of bad debt loss

etc. occur and these are the problems, the handling of which is peculiar to the court-led rehabilitation proceedings, etc.

We support the most appropriate measures to reduce tax payments after having grasped the details of the company by due diligence, etc.

Due diligence business

By due diligence, we analyze the financial position which is the premise of the turnaround scheme, property valuation and the drafting of the turnaround plan, and assess an appropriate corporate value. Based on drafting due diligence of the turnaround plan, we support the preparation of the most appropriate turnaround schedule of the target company.

Drafting of the turnaround plan

The target company which has filed the petition under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law or the Civil Rehabilitation Law needs to make preparation of property valuation, the turnaround schedule, etc. We support in preparing such as the investigation about the financial position, the property valuation and the turnaround schedule.