Corporate Value Evaluation – GPC JAPAN

Corporate Value Evaluation

We evaluate the corporate value and the business value in the mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering (IPO), equity finance the issue of equity warrant, etc.

The evaluation of the corporate value or the business value becomes necessary for every situation.
However, the evaluation method varies greatly, depending on the purpose.
The main situations in which the corporate (business) value is required are as follows:

  • M&A
  • Initial public offering (IPO)
  • Corporate turnaround
  • Corporate reorganization
  • MBO
  • Equity finance
  • The issue of the equity warrant

Regarding the above situations, we calculate the corporate (business) value, mainly using the following methods:

  • The DCF method
  • Comparable peer company analysis (EBITDA method, etc.)
  • The adjusted book value method
  • The aggregate market value proportional distribution method
  • Income approach
  • Dividend discount method
  • Black-Scholes model