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Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Domestic Market

We conduct the consulting services about initial public offering (IPO).

The cooperation of various players is necessary to realize IPO.
Specifically, they are leadmanaging underwriter (securities company), an auditing firm, a certified tax accountant firm, venture capital company and consultant, etc.

We have many consultants and CPAs who have abundant experience in auditing firm, etc. and we are doing business to provide the most suitable solution for clients from a perspective called IPO.

Specifically, we have provided professional services through the business as follows until the companies at the preparatory stage of IPO have gone the stock listing, and we have brought many actual results. We always have dozens of corporate clients at the preparatory stage of IPO and have been rated highly.

The drafting of the capital policy

The formulation of the capital policy is a very important matter as it must be done assuming an appropriate composition of stockholders from the early preparatory stage of stock listing, looking hard at what things including ownership structure will be like after IPO.

In case of carrying out a third party allocation of new shares, a stock transfer and the like, it is necessary to inspect thoroughly from various aspects including the stock price and the ownership structure at the time of IPO.

Evaluation business concerning stock prices, equity warrants, class stock, etc.

The stock price of a company which does not have a trading price in the market will be evaluated by an evaluation method suitable for each company.
Among those which are mostly utilized to evaluate the company at the preparatory stage of IPO are the DCF method based on the business results of the company, growth potential, etc. and the similar company comparative valuation method based on the stock price of a publicly traded competitor (and the combined use of them ).

Of the evaluation methods of the equity warrant, the Black-Sholes model is mostly utilized.

When a capital policy is inappropriately implemented, there is a possibility to take on a taxation risk for tax purposes, and it is necessary to implement it carefully.

Advising about preparing business plan

The business plan becomes very important on the occasion of financing from investors such as venture capital firms and the IPO thereafter.
It is therefore indispensable to prepare the theoretical business plan based on reliable financial statements.
We advise, with abundant experience, about preparing an objective business plan which gets the trust of a third party.

Advising about provision and maintenance of the internal control

In IPO, the provision and operative situation of the business management system and the internal audit system are taken up for examination.
In addition, even after IPO the evaluation of the internal control related to financial reports is the important information to be disclosed.

Support for preparing documents (Part I, etc.) and proxy services Among documents to be submitted for the listing application

The preparation of securities report (Part I) for the listing application including consolidated financial statements, and securities report (Part II ※) for the listing application to describe the outline of business activities play a key role of the IPO examination.
On the occasion of preparing these documents including the support for preparation of consolidated financial statements in accordance with Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, we are ready to support fully a series of the business necessary for listing examination and provide proxy services as the need arises.

※In Mothers the preparation of “Part II” is not required in some cases.