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Due Diligence

We conduct the due diligence business in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering (IPO), equity finance, the issue of the equity warrant, etc.

Due diligence business

When we use various techniques responding to the purpose of the due diligence business, there is, first of all, a need to understand correctly details of business and the risk.
To that end, it is necessary to conduct appropriately the inspection of the business model (business due diligence), the inspection of the legal risk (legal due diligence) and the inspection of the financial risk (financial due diligence).
In addition, the IT due diligence is occasionally conducted in the field of the IT. From the viewpoint of the social importance of the internal control, it is considered that the relative importance of the due diligence which places the focus on the internal control will increase in future.

We have our strength in particular in the field of the financial due diligence.

The variety of due diligence business

  • Financial due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • IT due diligence
  • Internal control due diligence
  • Business due diligence, etc.