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Support Business of Going into Singapore

We are conducting consulting services for companies and individuals in order to utilize new business growth and life after emigration in Singapore.

To support the Japanese-affiliated companies for moving to Singapore (and continuing into other Asian markets) at the working level, not only with our accumulated business practice know-how, but also with the participation of many Singaporean private partners, we will backup your estimated company’s expansion into Singapore and the emigration of an individual customer with arrangements to perfection. We therefore, have opened up a new website “Invitation Singapore” to promote Singapore.

We provide the columns of the professionals for your expansion, but also provide the information for listing in Singapore, tax systems, expansion of companies and emigration-related.

For the WEB members, we regularly provide useful and newest information for doing business and the life after migration into Singapore.

In addition to the information mentioned above, members can attend seminars held by us at discount rate.

For Working Partner members, we provide various benefits for membership such as  training specialists, and OJT trainings, in addition to the advantages of the WEB corporate members.

For details, please view our “Invitation Singapore” website at

Service menu for the support

We support to solve business tasks of the members in the support menu listed below, together with the local (Singaporean) partner, & the governmental institution.

(i) Support
of fact-finding of the local market

It is the first step to utilize Singapore as a market (market base) or financial
hub. As we can make an on-site observation with a clear purpose, we make it
our motto to support in short duration and efficient market observation.

It is possible to observe the headquarters and regional headquarters of not only
the local enterprises, but also the foreign-affiliated company’s in various
industries concentrated peculiar to Singapore.

(ii) Support
of listing on SGX

For companies considering in expanding in Asia for financial purposes, we support
widely from planning to  practical preparation for listing.

(iii) Support
of market development (Singapore ~ South East Asia)

In collaboration with the government, we list up the target companies and
support members of which are considering business expansion to Asia by
setting business meetings and establishing and proxy management of the affiliated
company. We conduct test marketing of your products and services. 

(iv) Global corporate reorganization support (tax and accounting aspect)

We support drafting and implementation of corporate reorganization of members
taking preferential tax system, grants, and etc., provided by the Singaporean
government to invite foreign-affiliated companies into consideration.

(v) Support of emigration into Singapore

We conduct advices on the application for visa, tax matters and etc., preparing
for the emigration into Singapore.

(vi) Support of the incorporation of a company

We support to establish of local outlet of the company.

(vii) Introduction
of the local professionals

We introduce accounting and law firms followed by the expansion overseas.