Cloud Service – GPC JAPAN

Cloud Service

In our company, we have installed Cloud Basis Accounting System called “GLASIAOUS,” which is to realize accurate and speedy management of overseas subsidiary’s business, by combination of cloud technology and accounting firm’s professional service. Also, this service can be applied for companies headquartered in foreign countries, which plan to expand their business to Japan and manage their account.

5 Advantages of GLASIAOUS

1.Automatic Production of Management Reports in Overseas Subsidiaries

When data is submitted, we input journals which data produces reports: i.e. treasury information, analysis information etc., necessary for management, in IFRS or in various accounting standards different by countries.


Saving time for translation of reports, it makes headquarter and subsidiaries possible to share and confirm the data in appropriate language.

3.Multi Currency

Saving time for conversion among currencies, it makes headquarter and subsidiaries possible to share and confirm the data in appropriate currencies.

  • Input data in multi currencies and rate of exchange for international transactions
  • Set default currencies by each companies
  • Auto conversion from input currencies to standardized currencies (ex. Conversion from USD (input currency) to JPY (standardized currency)
  • Auto conversion of foreign exchange profit or loss for deletion of debits and credits
  • Evaluation for foreign exchange conversion in end of the month

4.Strengthen of Governance

Governance by headquarter is to be strengthened by accurate and prompt input of business results of overseas subsidiaries.

  • Checking subsidiaries’ actual records in Japanese
  • Visualization of subsidiaries’ status and situation at most appropriate format and timing
  • Pickoff of subsidiaries’ dishonest actions



5.Reference and Sharing of Data in Any Time

Registered data is to be referred in any time. Because it is managed in the cloud system, you can communicate with subsidiaries as well as us for consultation service through monitor in any time.