Greetings – GPC JAPAN


In the middle of amendments to the Corporate Law and various changes in the enterprises, we have established our firm to offer the consulting services which are related to M&A, the listing of stock, and the accounting and relevant taxation, etc.

On the occasion of offering the consulting services, we are going to organize project teams not only by the specialists of the limited fields like accounting standards, etc, tax law, Corporation Law, and Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, but also by the specialists who are considered to be the best-qualified in our firm for each kind of the problems that face the enterprises or the enterprise managements.

For example, when M&A, the listing of stock, and the corporate restructuring are going to be done, it is required to examine the problems in various fields which are not only the business accounting but also the Corporation Tax Law, Income Tax Law, the Corporate Law, the labor law, and the civil law, etc. In this process, a lot of feedback work of the examination and the review of plan will take place. For each project the reduction of this feedback frequency as much as practicable will become very important. In this respect our firm is going to consolidate the experience and knowhow for each project individually and provide services taking the shortest course.

For overseas business, we offer overseas listing consulting services to meet the growing needs for listing the stocks on the overseas stock markets based on our know-how from our broad experience of consulting services for Japanese listing. In addition to that, we operate a desirable web site, “Invitation Singapore” to promote overseas expansion and emigration by sending out live information from Singapore and its neighboring countries.

We sincerely hope to respond to your various needs, always accumulating the consulting needs of you, thus providing you, in a beeline, with state-of-the-art knowledge, information and knowhow as our mission.

Managing Director
Yasuo Sekiguchi