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50 points of IFRS which are helpful for business
●Compiled by Masaaki Takada (certified public accountant of our firm) and others
Joint work- Global Partners Consulting, Inc. / Audit Corporation Genwa
●The first impression of the first edition on June 25, 2010
●Publisher: Chuokeizaisha
 【Chapter 1 Influences of the introduction of IFRS (introduction)】
 【Chapter 2 Financial statements】
 【Chapter 3 Articles about assets, liabilities and the capital】
 【Chapter 4 Articles about revenues and expenses】
 【Chapter 5 Consolidated financial statements and business combination】
 【Chapter 6 Notes and disclosure matters】
●The characteristics of this book 
 ■The interest in IFRS rises day by day because its compulsory application has been expressed in Japan.
 ■While this book is a primer, we assume the persons in charge of accounting and financial affairs of the companies as readers and give clear guide to IFRS with the certain level of standards.
 ■In addition, on each topic, the writers with experiences and knowledge as professionals showed the points to be checked in terms of information gathering and the real accounting treatment.
Understandable Point of Contact between the Corporation Law, and Accounting/Taxation Business in Charts
●Written by Masaaki Takada (certified public accountant of our firm)/Taizo Tsuruta -Joint work-
●The second impression of first edition on August 30, 2007
●Publisher: Zeimu kenkyukai
【 Chapter 1 Directors’ bonus 】
【 Chapter 2 Treasury stock 】
【 Chapter 3 Class stock 】
【 Chapter 4 Equity warrant 】
【 Chapter 5 Equity 】
【 Chapter 6 Corporate reorganization 】
【 Chapter 7 LLC 】
●Specific Features of this book
 ■The enforcement of the Corporation Law has exerted a great influence on the accounting standards and the Corporation Tax Law, and the executives having charge of accounting and financial affairs of enterprises and the professional accountants are under the pressure of necessity of understanding them transversally.
 ■As to the point under discussion across the three fields of the Corporation Law, accounting and taxation business, handling directors’ bonus, treasury stock, equity warrant, equity, etc, this book explains in plain words not only a basic point of view and a point of difference but also the respective methods of treating in accounting and the taxation business.
 ■Close attention has been paid to the inclusion of as many charts, journalizing and examples as possible for being useful for the readers’ understanding.