Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Overseas Market – GPC JAPAN

Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Overseas Market

We conduct the support business of IPO in overseas market.

Among companies in Japan, the companies that wish to be listed in the overseas market have increased recently.
We conduct the overseas IPO support business, based on the know-how obtained through the long-time consulting services with the IPO in Japan.

The selection of the stock listing market

We analyze the client’s present situation and select the stock listing market with the client.

The management of the stock listing project

In the case of IPO, the minute management of the project is essential.
We do project management until the launch of the stock listing of the client.

The selection, introduction and correspondence with the leadmanaging underwriter (securities company)

We select and introduce the leadmanaging underwriter (securities company).
In addition, we act as a local representative of the client with the leadmanaging underwriter (securities company).

The selection, introduction and correspondence with various experts before and after the stock listing

We select and introduce experts who are necessary for the listing such as taxation accounting firm, external financial auditor and solicitor (lawyer), etc. In addition, our firm gives local responses as a contact person of these experts and our clients.

Preparing various materials

We do the reclassification and translation into English of financial statements, and prepare materials about various financial affairs to submit to the external financial auditor and various materials for IR.

Track record of consulting services

- Singapore; Catalist market

- Hong Kong; Mainboard

- South Korea; KOSDAQ

- Taiwan; OTC