Accounting and Taxation – GPC JAPAN

Accounting and Taxation

We perform the consulting services about accounting problems and advisory services.

At present, the handling of accounting standards and the tax law is complicated by the diversification of company activities. We grasp the financial situation of the company precisely and render consulting services for the establishment support of the accounting system and the comprehensive taxation business.
We offer strategic management support services based on a hard look at the latest information and future amendments to accounting standards and the taxation system.

Accounting business

  • Support of the accounting system establishment in conformity with accounting standards
  • Support of drafting the business plan and the budget plan
  • Support of preparing cash flow statements
  • Support of preparing (periodic) securities report, statements of account

Tax planning

We minimize the taxation business cost of the company by tax planning based on appropriate taxation business knowledge related to international business transactions, transactions with affiliated companies, etc. and realize the increase in the corporate value with the increase in the cash flow.

Concerning the relevance of the reorganization of business structure and the consolidated tax payment

We think that it is very rare for the conventional accounting firm which does mainly the bookkeeping to handle matters related to the reorganization of business structure such as merger and divestiture and the consolidated tax payment.
However, we have a lot of results working routinely on matters related to the reorganization of business structure and the consolidated tax payment.
Because we have extensive experience and know-how in various fields, we are able to make the most suitable suggestion.

Specifically, there has been a particularly successful example to realize improvement of efficiency and streamlining by establishing a holding company by a stock swap and stocks transfer and by merger or divestiture of affiliated subsidiaries and to improve earning capacity by purchasing the other companies.
We have solved various problems one by one with regard to Corporate Law and the tax law, and we are proud that it was possible because we have had know-how in various fields.

Furthermore, when tax planning in the group as a whole after reorganization of business structure is thought about, we can provide the most appropriate advice on a judgment as to the right or wrong of the adoption of consolidated tax payment system as we have organized a professional consolidated tax payment team, and undertake all of a series of business from the use of the consolidated tax payment system to tax return business after the adoption of the consolidated tax payment system.

With regard to IPO

We have the results of a large number of advisory contracts with venture -stage companies each of which keeps IPO and a listed company in mind, and thus we can provide the comprehensive support of each step from early stage to later stage.

As well as preparing financial statements in conformity with the tax law, we can prepare the financial statements which has met accounting standards required for the listed company and tax return based on it.

Depending on the assumption that the company which keeps IPO in mind is to apply tax effect accounting, we can cope from tax effect accounting in the individual entity tax payment to tax effect accounting in the consolidated tax payment because we have many certified public accountants and certified tax accountants, and the consolidated tax payment team is also organized.