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SPC Management

We conduct the consulting services and advisory business concerning accounting issues.

Advice concerning the drafting of securitization scheme

Although the securitization of the monetary claims, the movables, the real estate, the intellectual property rights, etc. has not already been a novel technique, various players participate in the securitization scheme.
Therefore, there is nothing for the securitization scheme but to become an ” a la carte dish”, being influenced by the request of every client concerned, interest, the social and economic environments, etc. which change by the hour.

In consideration of these factors, it is our role to examine and suggest an appropriate scheme on having considered the regulations concerning accounting and the taxation business.
In addition, in a case where an audit of our client is carried out by an audit corporation, we respond with the preparation of comment letters of the accounting and the taxation business, not to mention the support for preparing a written comment for the relevant client to explain to the audit corporation.

Advice about the drafting and management of the action plan for securitization

After the drafting of the securitization scheme, it is necessary to translate it into a plan with concrete numerical values.
At this stage, we prepare the profit and loss calculation simulation, cash flow simulation, tax calculation simulation, distribution of profit simulation and EXIT simulation, and ask the clientfor the confirmation about whether there is any gap with the result that the client has expected.
And we support the review of the action plan for the securitization as the need arises.

Accounting and taxation business advisor after carrying out the securitization

After the securitization scheme and the action plan for the securitization have been decided upon, it is in a stage of accomplishing the securitization on schedule. On that occasion, what cannot be avoided and sidestepped are the settlement of accounts and the preparation of the tax return of the business entity which has been established for the securitization scheme. Its settlement of accounts business for the purpose of accounting is indispensable not only for the distribution of profit for every client concerned but also for the management and grasp of the progress of the securitization plan. And as a business entity it must complete the tax calculation and the final tax return within the time limit. Our firm and the certified tax accountants’ corporation with which our firm has a tie-up undertake to provide these services bearing the responsibility thereof through collaboration between them.
In addition, it is common that our director takes office as a director and the statutory auditor, an executive director and an executive auditor of the business entity so that from that viewpoint we suppose you could be relieved.

Cash management business in a fiduciary capacity

Other than the support task in each stage mentioned above, we undertake the cash management business of the business entity responding to requests.
We take a neutral position independent of every client concerned, and take the responsibility for the custody of a passbook of bank, a seal, a certificate of title, etc, and for the accomplishment of the payment business complying with instructions, and for putting a seal on the contract complying with instructions.

(With regard to the business prescribed by the Certified Tax Accountant Law among the above, the certified tax accountants’ corporation with which our firm has the tie-up performs it.)