Investigate into Misconduct – GPC JAPAN

Investigate into Misconduct

By carrying out the investigation into misconduct, we support clearing up the cause thereof and the implementation of remedial measures.

In the recent business environment, the cases including disgraceful affairs of employees and the violations of laws and regulations committed by companies have caused not only financial losses and the penalties for violations of laws and regulations, but also cases of having been forced to leave from the markets for the fatal damage of the corporate value and losses of credibility, and there are many cases where it is likely to develop to situations that may shake the continuation of the companies.
We have many certified public accountants well experienced in audit corporations and consultancy firms, and also carry out the investigation into misconduct or provide solutions to prevent misconduct and disgraceful affairs in cooperation with the expert of each field.

Carrying out the investigation into misconduct

In a case where misconduct has happened or there is an omen of the misconduct, we support the identification of the person involved and the investigation into the illicit amount of money through forming the misconduct investigation team in the office of the client, supporting, among others, the duties of the team.
In addition, we conduct the investigation into inappropriate accounting treatment and false financial reporting.
In the case of mergers and acquisitions, we carry out the due diligence such as the confirmation of the compliance situation and the investigation into illicit dealings of the company to be acquired.

The decision on measures to prevent misconduct

We perform the evaluation business of the risk of misconduct and suggest the remedial measures, the construction of the effective internal check system and the provision of preventive measures.
In addition, we perform the advisory business concerning the response and the prevention of recurrence after the discovery of misconduct.

Responding individually to other cases

We conduct support business for security such as investigation into the information leakage and data leak, the support business to provide evidence related to litigation, etc, and the construction, etc. of the system for the prevention of misconduct and for monitoring in respect of PC, servers, etc.